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Chengdu Zhengxi Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, former Sichuan Chemical Works Machinery Co., Ltd, used to be the subsidiary of Sichuan Chemical Works Group Ltd(SCWG).It was founded to offer machines to SCWG in the year 1956. In 2009,it was privatized and adopted the new name Zhengxi.Since then,it has been engaged in research, development,manufacturing and sales of hydraulic presses.Till now it has become a professional manufacturer and exporter of hydraulic equipments. It is specialized in offering customized solution and hydraulic press machineries in composite materials, deep drawing, powder forming and forging fields.

hot products

Composites Molding Hydraulic Press

These presses are mainly used for the molding processes of SMC, DMC, GMT, and LFT-D products, which are used in the automotive lightweight, building and construction, aerospace, rail traffic, low-voltage electric industries.


Metal Stamping/Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press

Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press is applied in deep drawing, stamping ,punching of metal sheets for automobile, kitchenware and household industries.


Powder metallurgy molding Hydraulic Press

Mainly used for pressing powder metallurgy, electronic ceramics, rare earth powder, silicon carbide, ferrite magnetic materials and graphite and other products, and can be widely used in automobiles, aerospace, ships, high-speed rail, machine tools, household appliances, power generation equipment and other industries.

  • Composite Hydraulic Press Application

    With the continuous demand of the market and the rapid development of the aerospace automobile industry, in order to adapt to the market competition, glass fiber reinforced plastics, high-strength plastics and other products have generally appeared; due to the advantages of moderate cost, short m...

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